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Pulsar Protocol

Swap and long-term invest crypto on TWAMM protocol

Truly CPAMM-based TWAMM algorithm    

Lowering down slippage loss by enabling term swap for large orders

Arbitrary trading time configuration at the user’s free will


Total Liquidity


Trading Volume


Total Transactions

What is TWAMM

Save The Cost

A Solution to Slippage of Large Orders

Smashing the high slippage costs with TWAMM

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Up to 50x slippage reduction with TWAMM


No extra cost compare to existing DEX’s

Instant Swap

Swapping experience similar to constant product AMM, which follows the formula X⋅Y=K, makes illiquid long-tail assets tradable on DeFi

Term Swap

Integrate instant swap, smoothes out price impact by lengthening the trading time from one block to multiple blocks for large orders on DeFi

Who Will Benefit

Institutional RWA

CPAMM-based TWAMM strategy helps institutional RWA traders invest in cryptocurrencies for the long-term

Stable Swap

Due to its unprecedented advantages in facilitating large-order stable swaps, TWAMM stands out from platforms such as

DAO Treasury

DAOs would diversify their treasury in order to fund operations with lower price impact, trustless and non-custodial

MEV Resistant

Swaps occur between blocks and are only realized when the contract has interacted making MEV resistance achieved


Apex Protocol
Davion Labs
Dapp Learning
dForce Network
Increment Finance
Mantle Network
Mint Blockchain

Security Audits

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